Non-Destructive Hardness mapping is now possible.

muraR Surface Hardness Variation Scanner

muraR Surface Hardness Variation Scanner


muraR robot arm
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  • Nondestructive Uses safe and reliable non-destructive inspection methods. Convert width of X-ray diffraction profile data to voltage.
  • Non-contact With better accuracy, this machine can determine measurements and hardness without ever making contact with parts.
  • Fast measurement speed This high-speed scanning of hardness variation of surface steel can quickly scan an area of 2″x 2″ in merely 120 seconds!
  • In-line Inspection Examines your parts to identify corrosion, over machining or hardness variations that could potentially result in failure of your parts.
  • Easy Setup Set up is very simple! The unit is compact and easy to move around. Parts easily come together to form the entire piece.
  • Auto mapping The auto scan function performs by stage or robot. Color mapping displays hardness of variation, showing grind layers.


This is the only equipment that can evaluate hardness variation non-destructively. It calibrates the FWHM obtained from X-ray diffraction and hardness reference specimens, and maps the obtained FWHM as hardness. It scans the surface at high speed in combination with XY stage, rotation stage or robot.

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muraR Surface Hardness Variation Scanner
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  • Measurement method
    • X-ray scans surface and detects variation
    • Result is displayed as mapping
  • Size(mm) and Weight(kg)
    • W140xL204xH157mm; 3.8kg (not including marker)
  • Measurement items
    • FWHM variation
  • Output
    • Analogue output 0-10V
  • Material
    • Only steel
  • Power supply
    • W140xL252XH193mm; 6.2kg


  • Hardness mapping on Pulley, Precision roller and Liner Guide.
  • Offers an evaluation for Machining Burn or Grinding Burn.
  • An inspection of hardening layer and quenching variation
  • After heat treatment, mapping images allow for full check.
muraR Surface Hardness Variation Scanner equipment is use
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