Residual stress measurement becomes much easier than before.

μ-X360s Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer

Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer


XRD Residual Stress Analyzer robot arm
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  • Nondestructive Our on-site analysis option makes it possible to measure large samples without cutting. Trust us for all of your testing needs.
  • Low X-ray Power Excellent stress data all while keeping the X-ray power low. A single incident X-ray exposure is detected using a two-dimensional detector.
  • Fast measurement speed Complete the testing you need done quicker than ever before with these fast speeds. Results (for residual stress) are displayed after just 60 seconds, and 90 seconds for retained austenite.
  • On-site capability Our on-site analysis option makes it possible to achieve an increase in overall work productivity and lower your entire costs.
  • Easy Setup Setting up this equipment is super simple. This machine is easy to put together and dissemble making your job that much easier.
  • Portable This equipment is lightweight and easy to move from one location to another, making it easy to do a number of jobs in minutes.


Residual stress and retained austenite measurement is now easier! With the cosα equipment, work that used to take a long time becomes faster, and because of its simple usage, it can be used not only in R&D but also in Quality Control departments. It can also be used for on-site measurement using a tripod, and for automatic measurement systems using robots and 3D scanner.

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XRD Residual Stress Analyzer in use
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  • Measurement method
    • Single incident angle X-ray cos𝛼 method
  • Power supply
    • AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 130W
  • X-ray tube and output
    • Cr, V, Mo, Cu or Co replaceable
    • Air cooling
    • 30kV, 1.5mA maximum
  • Measurement items
    • Residual Stress
    • Retained Austenite
    • FWHM
  • Size(mm) and Weight(kg)
    • Sensor unit: 213W x 107H x 114D; 2.4kg
    • Power supply unit: 289W x 235H x 159D; 6.2kg
  • Collimator size
    • φ1mm (Spot size at sample surface is approx. 2mm)


  • Residual stress measurement on Gear, Spring, Bearing, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Connecting rod, Transmission, White body, Wheel, Suspension shaft and Suspension arm.
  • Residual stress measurement on AM samples.
  • Retained Austenite measurement on Heat treated samples.
  • Grinding burn evaluation.
  • Case depth hardness evaluation. (The thickness of the hardened layer evaluation)
  • Depth profile measurement on Shotpeening samples. (Optional)
  • On-site measurement. (Optional)
  • Stress mapping by XY stage or Robot. (Optional)
  • Residual stress measurement on large grain samples such as Electric steel. (Optional)
XRD Residual Stress Analyzer in use
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X-ray safety cabinet

X-ray Safety Cabinet

The safety cabinet with interlock is designed to protect users from X-ray exposure. The leakage is less than 0.01 mRem/hour.

Flexible arm with magnetic stand

Flexible Arm with Magnet Stand

The arm is fixed to the specimen with the magnetic stand and can be adjusted finely by 50 mm in both X and Y axes with a micrometer.

Hand-carry case

Hand-carry Case

Taking your equipment on the go can be a breeze. Our stress analyzer can be packed in a hand-carry case that makes traveling easier.

Electrochemical polisher

Electrochemical Polisher

This is used when you want to measure the internal stress of a sample. It can be used to remove the surface without adding new stress.

Retained austenite

Retained austenite

The two-dimensional detector can take full ring of both martensite and austenite diffraction, and calculate the percentage of austenite which was not transformed to martensite upon quenching.

Mapping function

Mapping function

The measurement results using the motorized XY stage can be displayed as a mapping.

Oscillation unit

Oscillation unit

By oscillating the angle of the X-ray, diffraction from more numbers of crystal planes are obtained.

X-Ray Tube Exchange

X-ray tube exchange

The X-ray tube can be replaced by the user. Cr, V, Cu, Co, Mn tube is available.


Technical Documents
Residual Stress Analyzer
List of optional items[pdf]

Optional items for the micro-X360s.

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Technical Documents
Technical Documents
Technical Documents
Technical Documents
Four reference specimens for Pulstec's residual stress XRD analyzer
Portable X-ray Residual Stress Analyzer in use
Residual Stress Analyzer
StressEasy software Video

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