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m-Laue Flexible Single Crystal Orientation System

A side-by-side comparison of Pulstec’s m-Laue single crystal orientation system in a shield box and on a tripod.

How It Works

Pulstec’s inline single crystal orientation can be configured for on-site and lab use. Similar to our original s-Laue model, the m-Laue is intuitive. It only takes three simple steps to determine single crystal orientation:

  1. Use its CCD camera to set your sample and adjust to the right working distance.
  2. Use the m-Laue software to start the X-ray irradiation and detection process.
  3. Calculate the crystal’s orientation by fitting the Laue spots.
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A screenshot from the CCD camera in the Laue software, which shows the X-ray target on the single crystal sample.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Measurements: The m-Laue can acquire Laue spots of single crystal materials within 60 seconds.
  • Vertical Irradiation: This system allows vertical irradiation for easier sample setup, orientation flexibility, and improved resolution of Laue spots. Just align the object’s position with the vertical X-ray.
  • Integrated Air Cooling: This single crystal orientation system features an air-cooled X-ray generator and high-sensitivity detector, eliminating the need for an external water chiller.
  • Application Flexibility: The m-Laue’s X-ray sensor can be configured for mapping, on-site analysis, and/or system integration.

Pulstec’s m-Laue positioned on a tabletop with a prepared crystal sample.
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Request a sample measurement


  • Measurement Method: Laue (Back Reflection)
  • X-ray Source: W (Tungsten)
  • Voltage: 45W/30kV (1.5mA)
  • Power: 100 AC, 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 150W Maximum
  • Incident Angle: 0 Degree
  • Irradiation Spot: φ0.8mm (Standard Collimator) or φ0.4mm

  • Sample Distance: 27mm
  • Sample Size: Flexible/varies based on the size of the shield box
  • Measurement Time: 60 Seconds
  • Sample Stage: Optional
  • Diameter (X-ray Sensor Only): 213mm (Width) x 114mm (Depth) x 107mm (Height)
  • Weight (X-ray Sensor Only): 2.4 kg
  • X-ray Leakage: 0 (0.01mRem or less) with shield box

Note: External stage (θ,χ,ψ, and z) is required; shielding plan is required


  • Measuring principle plane orientation.
  • Checking and adjusting cutting orientation.
  • Evaluating crystallinity.
  • Crystal orientation measurement on Ion implantation.
  • On-site crystal orientation measurement of large parts, including airplane and generator turbines.
  • Determining ingot cutoff orientation.
  • Measuring principle crystal orientation on wafers.

Laue spots displayed in the m-Laue software viewer
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Optional Accessories

A diagram of Pulstec’s motorized XY slide stage

Motorized XY Stage

With the motorized XY slide stage, you can perform orientation mapping within a 150 x 150mm area.

Pulstec’s microscope, attached to the m-Laue X-ray sensor


Achieve better, more precise alignment with Pulstec’s optional microscope.

an open case showing Pulstec’s collimator and two collimation tools


The X-ray spot size can be changed by replacing the collimator. We offer collimators with X-ray spot diameters of 0.8mm and 0.4mm.

A diagram of Pulstec’s goniometric stage

Gonio Stage

We offer various stage options (3-axis to 6-axis) for the m-Laue with multiple sizes to fit your needs.

A tripod with the m-Laue mounted on it.


The m-Laue’s X-ray sensor can be mounted on the tripod for on-site measurements. The sample size is flexible when using the tripod.

Note: When using the tripod, you must create a safety area or use shielding.

Pulstec’s shield box for on-site measurements

Shield Box

Pulstec offers three shield box sizes:

  • Standard: 0.8m (Width) x 0.6m (Depth) x 0.6m (Height)
  • Middle: 1.4m (Width) x 0.9m (Depth) x 0.8m (Height)
  • Large: 2.0m (Width) x 1.2m (Depth) x 1.0m (Height)

All options have zero radiation leakage.

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System Integration Bracket

If your systems need a sensor to measure crystal orientation, you can combine the m-Laue X-ray device with your machine using our specialized system integration bracket.

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