The fastest and easiest way to check single crystal orientation.

s-Laue Single Crystal Orientation System

s-Laue Single Crystal Orientation System

Features & Benefits

s-Laue Single Crystal Orientation System
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  • Fast Measurements The s-Laue can quickly acquire images of single crystal materials. You can generally see most results within 60 seconds.
  • Easy to Use The s-Laue’s camera is small and easy to handle, and the X-rays are incident vertically downward to make setting the sample as simple as possible.
  • Integrated Air Cooling This single crystal orientation system features an air-cooled X-ray generator and a high-sensitivity detector. You won’t ever have to worry about the system overheating!
  • Compact & Portable Design The s-Laue is extremely lightweight and compact, making it ideal for most workspaces.
  • High Precision You can achieve precise alignment using the system’s integrated microscope.
  • On-Site Measurements We offer an on-site analysis service for larger single crystal samples, including turbine blades.

How It Works

Using our s-Laue single crystal orientation system is easy and only takes four steps:

  1. Use the CCD camera to set your sample.
  2. Use the software to start the X-ray irradiation and detection process.
  3. Calculate the crystal’s orientation by fitting the Laue spots.
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s-Laue Single Crystal Orientation System with tablet
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  • Measurement method
    • Laue (Back Reflection)
  • X-ray Source
    • W (Tungsten)
  • Voltage
    • 30kV (1.5mA)
  • Power
    • 100 AC, 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption
    • 150W Maximum
  • Incident Angle
    • 0 Degree
  • Irradiation Spot
    • φ0.8mm (Standard Collimator)
  • Sample Distance
    • 27mm
  • Measurement Time
    • 60 Seconds
  • Sample Stage
    • 6 Axis (Θ Tan./Rad. X/Y/Z)
  • Diameter
    • 224mm (Width) x 364mm (Diameter) x 480mm (Height)
  • Weight
    • 24 kg


  • Measuring principle plane orientation.
  • Checking and adjusting cutting orientation.
  • Evaluating crystallinity.
  • Analyzing processing-related crystal growth.
s-Laue Single Crystal Orientation System
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