Workshop at Purdue University


Presentation and workshop was held at Purdue University

Date: October 12th 2022

Place: Purdue University


Residual Stress Presentation and Workshop, XRD by the cosα method


The presentation covered the general history of various residual stress measurement methods, as well as actual industry cases using the state-of-the-art cosα method. After the workshop, some measurements were made using actual equipment. Laue spot detection for single crystals was also performed.
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Toshi, the Vice President and U.S. salesperson of Pulstec

Toshikazu Suzuki's Bio

Toshi Suzuki is the Vice President of Pulstec USA, Inc., and has been working for the company for 27 years. During the first 13 years at Pulstec, Toshi worked as an engineer at the company's primary headquarters in Japan. In 2008, Toshi relocated to the United States to serve as Pulstec's lead U.S. salesperson. Toshi is passionate about helping manufacturers and engineers measure residual stress and educating the public on how residual stress can be measured by X-ray diffraction.